Enhancing the beauty of your natural hair texture

Extra care for highly textured hair

Extra care for highly textured hair.

Because everyone deserves good hair days. Create cleansing, conditioning, styling and protecting hair care products specifically formulated to bring out the natural best in high-textured hair.

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Extra care for highly textured hair

Collaborate to Innovate

Through its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Dow works to enable real and impactful change for consumers. The combined synergy of Dow’s people, the deep scientific know-how and one of the broadest portfolios in the industry is helping to bring solutions to the underserved textured hair care market. In close collaboration with the Global African Affinity Network (GAAN) at Dow, the team was able to understand the barriers faced by consumers in the textured hair care industry and connect this market gap with the broader societal issues faced. GAAN highlighted the need to develop improved products to address key performance factors such as moisture, frizz control and shine.


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